TVx3 E164: Shameless Deception Continuum Justified Being Banshee Bunheads

On episode 164, Amrie (@mytakeontv) and Jason (@theTVaholic) are joined by Kyle Nolan (@kyool) from (@NoReruns) to talk a little news and discuss the winter/season/series premieres of Bunheads, Deception, Justified, Banshee, Shameless, Continuum and Being Human. Plus, a little reality check and a TV on DVD pick. (Start times of each segment/topic)

News (00:01:10)

We briefly talked about the following five TV news story:

Primetime (00:07:20)

We talked about the following seven shows:

  • Bunheads – S.1 Ep.11, “You Wanna See Something?” (Midseason Premiere) (00:07:25)
  • Deception – S.1 Ep.1, “Pilot” (Series Premiere) (00:11:35)
  • Justified – S.4 Ep.1, “Hole in the Wall” (Season Premiere) (00:16:35)
  • Banshee – S.1 Ep.1, “Pilot” (Series Premiere) (00:21:10)
  • Shameless – S.3 Ep.1, “El Gran Canon” (Season Premiere) (00:25:47)
  • Continuum – S.1 Ep.1, “A Stitch in Time” (U.S. Series Premiere) (00:28:05)
  • Being Human – S.3 Ep.1, “It’s a Shame About Ray” (00:36:10)

Amrie’s Reality Check (00:42:25)

Amrie and Kyle talked about Top Chef: Seattle and The Joe Schmo Show.

TV on DVD Pick for Tuesday, January 22nd (00:47:06)

Kyle picked Spy: Series 1.


Are you watching Deception? What did you think of the return of Bunheads? Did you like how the fourth season premiere of Justifiend ended? What did you think of the big changes for Being Human to begin season three? Let us know in the comments, send us an eMail, connect via Twitter @TVtimesThree, or Like us on Facebook.


  1. All the sudden I am behind on podcasts!

    I really want to know what you guys think of Melanie’s hilarious character development on Bunheads. Because this week? OMG. Her anger issues are hilarious. I can watch that ponytail scene a million times.

    I had Deception on the DVR but by the time I got to watching it, the blah reactions I heard made me just delete it. I stopped watching Revenge and I really do’t need MORE TV you know?

    Oh, Shameless. I’m with Amrie. I hate Frank and he could have stayed (and died) in Mexico. This show. It is so heartbreaking and so funny and so twisted! I look forward to it every week. I have no idea where this Steve/Jimmy story is going or really where they are going at all period. But I will keep watching.

    Being Human! One of the reasons that I am not taking on any new shows. So many good shows are coming back on the schedule now that I am already invested in! This past week – I a totally shipping Aiden and Sally.That totally needs to happen. I like that it’s still dark but the relationships seem more real now. Maybe the time jump helped? Or the actors are all more real friends and it shows on TV? They just seem more relaxed. Maybe it’s just better storytelling in these first couple of episodes.

    Top Chef. Hmmmm I hate Josie – is that her name? The one who should NOT still be there? How is it that someone that is in the bottom every week (6 times!) doesn’t get kicked off before Kristen who had never been in the bottom and had one 4 challenges! That damn Padma!

    How do you feel about the cancellation of Wedding Band. Makes me sad. I only found it during Christmas and thought it was a fun show. Horrible that it was on Saturday night! WTF? Who runs new programming on Saturday?

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