TVx3 E001: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall (Pt 1)

Welcome to our inaugural episode! Right off the bat we had so much to say we had to split our first episode into two parts! In this first part, we start with a quick introduction to each of us (Jason, Amrie, & Rae) and how our obsession with television began and what made us into the TV bloggers that we are today. Then we talked about some TV news including recent headlines, casting information, and show pickups. And we finished up with a fond look back at the shows we watched over the summer from new shows like The Secret Life of an American Teenager and In Plain Sight to some of our old favorites such as Burn Notice, Psych, Eureka, and many more.

Listen below and let us know what you think! And don't forget to check out Part 2 of the inaugural podcast for our discussion of the new fall season.

Podcast Notes:

  • [shameless blog plug!] Visit our blogs: My Take on TV, RTVW Online, & TVaholic
  • Around the Table Fun: Recorded here for prosterity, here our answers to the questions we asked each other.
    • If you were allowed to watch just one of your current shows, which would you pick? A: Pushing Daisies, J: House, R: Chuck
    • Which TV character, from a current show, would you pick to be your best friend? A: Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights, J: Jim Halpert from The Office, R: Shawn Spencer from Psych
    • If you were to get sucked into your TV, which show would you want to be on when it happens? A: Friday Night Lights & Pushing Daisies, J: How I Met Your Mother, R: How I Met Your Mother
  • Read more details about production coming to a halt on 24 and Dollhouse on Korbi's TV blog.
  • [deleted news headline] We were a little too chatty this time around the news about Diane Ruggiero quitting The Ex List got dropped from the news. If you're intersted in knowing more about this story, check out Alan Sepinwall's September 15th article in which he reveals what Diane had to say about her departure. And you can find out where Diane is headed now over at E! online.
  • Read the Variety article about the bids for How I Met Your Mother syndication rights.
  • Thanks again to Polter-Cow for helping out with our “commercial” breaks for this episode! He's a fellow TV lover and he's got lots of intelligent things to say about the shows he's watching. Don't believe me? Check out his blog for yourself!
  • What you heard: Thanks to IODA Promonet for the song used in our intro and outro. Here's more information on where you can obtain the song yourself…

    Mercurial Asylum Street Spankers
    “TV Party” (mp3)
    from “Mercurial”
    (Yellow Dog Records)

    Buy at Rhapsody
    Buy at Amazon
    More On This Album

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