TVx3 E031: Knowing What’s Going to Happen

This week, we talked about the topic sent in by listener Vanessa on March 24th, 2009. She wrote in to say:

I've loved the podcast since it began and thought it was time to toss in an idea for a show topic. It seems that my love of TV has started to diminish my enjoyment of some procedurals lately. I am already familiar with so many people that have been guest stars on procedurals, that I often am able to solve the “who dunit?” just by who is cast. Take for example last week's Castle (spoiler alert if you haven't seen it!). Sarah Drew of Everwood fame was a guest star. As soon as she was questioned, I knew she played a role in the crime. Why else would she have accepted the role if it wasn't major to the story? Have you found this a problem for any of you as well? This turned into a long rambling question, but maybe you will find interest in it. Love the show!

So, we gave our thoughts on guest stars that guest star on lots of shows, thus ruining any suspense as to who the killer might be on a procedural. This also turned into talking a bit about knowing too much outside information about a show.

But, first we chatted about some recent TV related news about American Idol winner Chris Allen, Monk and Psych premiere dates, Big Brother premiere date, recasting on some fall pilots, and Better Off Ted returning for summer.

Then, we did a brief primetime wrap-up, where we talked about the Primeval, Greek, Mental series premiere, My Boys season three finale, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Lastly, we gave a few recommendations for some upcoming summer shows. Find out are thoughts on the season three premiere of Burn Notice and the series premieres of HawthoRNe, Nurse Jackie, and Royal Pains.

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Show Notes

  • @psychwrites – The official Twitter of the Psych writer's room that was mentioned by Rae. They really are funny and worth the follow.
  • @mbrandt29 – Amrie's Kris-Allen-looking best bud that she was doing a little follower shilling for on the podcast. Too bad he doesn't have a photo on his Twitter page, so we could see if she is right.


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