TVx3 E032: What’s Your Perfect Primetime TV Lineup?

Have you ever thought about what shows you wish were still on? Ever thought that you could do better putting together a network schedule than the big TV network honchos do? Do you think about what shows would go together nicely on a given night? Well, we kind of tossed those ideas in a blender for this week's topic, “Perfect Primetime,” after we got the following email from listener Mark Tilford, who wrote in on April 14th, 2009 to say:

Great podcast. Keep up the good work.

As a potential topic for a future show. How about programming your perfect night of primetime TV. Any shows from any year or network. A 3-hour programming block.

Mine would be.

7-7:30 Cheers
7:30-8 Sports Night
8-9 Gilmore Girls
9-10 West Wing (seasons 1-4, the Sorkin years)

We thought that was a great idea for a topic. So much so that we expanded it to seven days and programmed our perfect week of TV. That's 22 hours to fill with any TV show, past or present. We started with a four-hour block on Sundays and moved through the rest of the week with a three-hour block for each night. Even after thinking about it for a week, we all still heard one of the others mention a show we'd forgotten to include.

Before we dove into the topic, we briefly mentioned some recent TV related news about The Beast, Burn Notice, and Royal Pains.

After covering our perfect primetimes, we covered Primeval, Greek, So You Think You Can Dance, Burn Notice season three premiere, Royal Pains series premiere, tosh.0 series premiere, The Listnener series premiere, and Conan's first week taking over The Tonight Show.

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So, what would your perfect night or week of primetime TV be? What shows did we miss that you would've included? Let us know in the comments.

Show Notes

  • @justjody – The Jody that Rae refers to a few times during the podcast.


  1. Loved the pod cast this week (sorry very late to listen to it!) loved your TV line-up’s.

    As a British person there are various TV shows that I love… Primeval is a fantastic show (and I can say things work, even after the death of Cutter). Skin’s in also a great show – I know Ducky loves it, very entertaining and very British in it’s humour (Dark and Dirty!). And of course a few of the reality shows you have started off as British ones (American Idol immediately comes to mind, as well as game shows like Who wants to be a millionaire and deal or no deal!)

    Also give us Cat Deely back, we miss her!

  2. I really enjoyed listening to how each of you would program a week of TV. Who do we need to talk to about getting Ed on DVD? That and Allie McBeal. And the Two Guys. What is the holdup? Music? I am going to think about this over the weekend and see if I can do it. And I WILL be programming Saturday AM.

    British shows I love – not that I am in any way up on the subject but the 1st 3 seasons of Coupling were some of the best TV ever. I can still watch it over and over. I also liked Hex. After listening to you guys talk about Primeval, I might have to add it to my list of shows to check out.

    Question. What got you into blogging about TV? Was it a particular show or did you blog before and just evolve into a TV blogger?

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