TVx3 E033: Shows From Around the Places

Do you watch much foreign TV? Have a favorite British show? Ever wondered why networks always want to remake a foreign show instead of just replaying the original here? Well, a couple of listeners have, as you can see from the following topic suggestions.

Listener Jonathan left a comment May 12th, 2009 on Ep.28 that said:

Hey guys,
Cannot wait to listen, but here is my suggestion for a topic:
Why don’t we see more imported shows on network tv? Or even on cable channels?
Merlin is supposedly going to air on NBC (considering NBC co produced it, they SHOULD air it) but why don’t we see more hits on our television screens that are not just remakes?
A good example of this would be Packed to the rafters, a hit Australian dramady that is AMAZING, but instead of importing it and just airing the show in the states, they are trying to remake it.
Are we American’s so dumb we cannot stand to watch someone with an Australian accent?
Anyways downloading the podcast now! Can’t wait to listen and keep up the good work.
P.s. I know its probably a stupid subject to talk about but hey i had to suggest it lol.

Listener Shane used the contact form on May 22nd, 2009 to send in the following:

Hi, enjoy the show. Just listened to episode 29 and heard Amrie mention that you should do a show about British shows you like and I think that is a great idea. In the past coupleof years the amount of british tv I have been watching has grown and grown and I would like to know what shows from England you guys watch and maybe mention some classic british shows that you love.
My favourite shows from England at the moment are:
Being Human
The In-Betweeners
Ashes to Ashes
and my favourite at the moment is Gavin and Stacey. If you guys haven't seen this show I would highly recommend you check it out.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to entertain your listeners every week. it's greatly appreciated.

So, we did a little thinking, or a lot in Rae's case, about what foreign TV shows we have watched and enjoyed. We didn't limit ourselves to just British shows either, as some Australian and Canadian TV shows figured into our lists.

But, first we batted around the idea of why we don't see many hit shows from other countries play here in the United States and why we tend to see remakes of these shows.

After covering our double dose of topics, we talked a bit about Pushing Daisies, Greek, The Closer, Weeds, So You Think You Can Dance, and Burn Notice.

If you've got thoughts on past episodes, this episode, or have a topic suggestion for us, use the SnapVine widget in the right column, leave a comment below, email us, or connect via Twitter.

So, what our your favorite foreign TV shows? What shows did we not talk about that we should check out? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I actually have the first three seasons of Coupling on DVD. So I can watch them all in a row! And I do have Primeval coming from Amazon this week. I bough it totally based on you guys loving it so much. Plus it sounds like a show I will like. Love me some time travel.

    What really sucks is that there are probably some shows from Australia that I would like but how do I see them? How do I find out about them? If it’s not on BBC America or you guys or Ducky and Kath don’t talk about it, I would never know about have of the stuff I watch.

    And that car speeding off was hilarious.

  2. PS I just added some British shows to my Netflix queue. And I love the lesbian roommate on Hex too and I added Lost in Austen too.

  3. Amrie – I think the movie you were talking about was Huggabunch. There were magic berries, and big-heaed puppets, and a grandma going out to pasture. It was one of my favorite movies when I was kid, but when I watch it now I’m pretty much completely disturbed. Especially by the singing.

  4. First Time Listener, First Time Commenter….
    Your show is great–have been listening to the TV Talk Podcast fro a while and was looking for another great TV podcast. I found yours on iTunes under the related podcasts list.

    I agree with most of your recent UK and Canadian picks (however I never really liked the older British Comedy shows they aired on PBS).
    Some other great shows that were missed:
    Canadian: Corner Gas, Forever Knight
    Australia/New Zealand: Outrageous Fortune
    UK: My Family, Worst Week of My Life, Plus One, Hotel Babylon, MI-5, Hu$tle

  5. My story is similar to that of Kyle, above … I also listen to and LOVE the TV Talk Podcast, with Ducky and GMMR, and was looking for another good TV podcast to fill my time – and found yours (via a comment on GMMR’s site). I’ve been backtracking through your podcasts, and had to comment on this one – since I guess I am “international”!

    I’m Canadian, so I LOVE that you mentioned Being Erica! I just got into that show, via, and it’s fantastic! The best mix of drama, humour, and a bit of darkness. Another show that is currently on in Canada, that’s fantastic, is The Border. It’s online, and the first season is out on DVD, but I’m not sure if it’s available in the US or not. It will be returning for its 3rd season in the Fall.

    Of the past – I, too, loved Forever Knight, as well as La Femme Nikita, FX: The Series, and of course due South!

    I used to watch a lot of Australian TV when I had full cable, and shows I loved were Water Rats and Adrenalin Junkies.

    Thanks for the great podcasts … I look forward to going back in time (ha! Kind of like Erica Strange, but not quite so far back!) and reliving your other podcasts.

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